Brooke Marsal

Brooke Marsal is a RYT 200-Hour yoga teacher, masters student studying nutrition at Columbia University, home herbalist, and recreational chef. 


As a former collegiate soccer player, frisbee player and recreational runner, Brooke has always been drawing to physical movement. In some ways she never grew out of being a playful kid, and used sports as a way to destress, work through problems, and find joy. 

When first exposed to yoga she enjoyed the physical challenge of it. Soon after she became addicted to the feeling of empowerment the poses brought her and the sense of untouchable bliss that she was left with after class. After spending that sweet time in savasana she would walk out of classes feeling as if she were floating on clouds and nothing could touch her. 

Yoga became her rock, her teacher, and her joy. For Brooke, yoga is a celebration of life, in all its beauty and in all its messiness. Her practice reminds her to find stillness in the midst of chaos and to have faith that eventually everything perfectly aligns.

Brooke's classes are playful creative and fun for all levels. She combines movement and breath into a fluid dance that helps to cleanse, build strength, and cultivate flexibility. Her goal is to help students get to know themselves on a deeper level as they become familiar with the subtleties of their body and mind. She believes that we are each our own greatest teacher. The answers lie within, all we need to do is learn to listen. 


In addition to yoga, Brooke is passionate about the healing that can come from adopting a clean lifestyle and properly using food as medicine. Currently she is studying nutrition at Columbia University, working towards getting her MS and Registered Dietitian (RD) certification. Her approach to nutrition is that every body is different, and thus requires different foods to function optimally. Despite these differences, the closer to nature we are the better. Fresh, organic, properly-sourced food is filled with the most prana, the most life. Through consuming whole foods we fuel ourselves with the highest form of energy and can became strong and radiant inside and out. 

In her free time Brooke enjoys being creative in the kitchen, practicing herbalism, and creating natural homemade products. 

Trainings, Degrees, and Certifications

200-Hour Yoga Alliance Training - San Diego, CA

30-Hour Yoga Sequencing Training with Jason Crandell - San Francisco, CA

100-Hour Gentle Yoga Training  with Cindy Walker

40-Hour Assisting Intensive with Janet Stone

15-Hour YogaMinded Yoga4Teens Certification

BA in Sociology from Connecticut College - New London , CT