For me every time you step on your mat you embark on a journey to better understand yourself, your body, and your mind. And all this begins with awareness. I teach intelligent classes that focus on safe alignment and combining the breath with playful movements that help to cleanse, build strength, and cultivate flexibility. I challenge my students to compassionately observe and witness their own transformation and growth, I ask them to utilize their breath as their greatest tool, and invite them to find stillness and peace even amidst the struggle. My goal is to help my students get to know themselves on a deeper level as they become familiar with the subtleties of their body and mind. 



PUBLIC CLASSES: Brooke teaches vinyasa flow classes at Yoga Source in Palo Alto

PRIVATE AND GROUP CLASSES: While public classes are great, sometimes what you need to really deepen your practice, or even just to get started, is a little personal attention. Brooke works with individuals as well as small groups to provide a personalized and customizable experience.

CORPORATE CLASSES: Want yoga to come to you? Instead of trying to slip away from the office bring yoga straight to you at work. Brooke offers corporate classes for all levels of students. 

TEEN + CHILDREN'S YOGA: Brooke offers private and group classes for individuals, groups of friends, and athletic teams. Yoga offers a wide number of physical, mental, and emotional benefits to children and teens. It is an excellent way for them to manage stress, increase concentration, balance energy levels, cultivate a sense of empowerment and much more! 


Currently most of my time is spend studying how to keep bodies healthy through the use of nutrition, but keep an eye on my instagram for teaching updates. You can find me most frequently subbing at either Earth Yoga NYC or Yoga Source Palo Alto.



200-Hour Yoga Alliance Training - San Diego, CA

30-Hour Yoga Sequencing Training with Jason Crandell - San Francisco, CA

100-Hour Gentle Yoga Training  with Cindy Walker

40-Hour Assisting Intensive with Janet Stone

15-Hour YogaMinded Yoga4Teens Certification

BA in Sociology from Connecticut College - New London , CT

MS in Nutrition Education, expected graduation May 2019